Women and Incontinence

Which type of Urinary Incontinence is impacting your life?


  • Urinary incontinence affects 15-50% of women of all ages
  • As many as three-fourths of US women report at least some urinary leakage and studies consistently find that 20 to 50% report more frequent leakage
  • Despite the medical treatments and help available, less than half of women do not seek care or outside help for incontinence
  • Women are 10 times more likely to have urinary incontinence than men
  • Bladder health and urine retention can be impacted by
    • Age
    • Pregnancy
    • Childbirth
    • Obesity
    • Functional or cognitive impairment
    • Smoking
    • Stress
  • Women are affected by incontinence regardless of social status, race, or economic status.

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