Incontinence Supplies

J&B Medical Supply understands that incontinence can be hard to talk about. However, we promise to take care of you and your loved ones with unparalleled kindness, support and understanding.

Our customer service team is extensively trained on numerous incontinence products that range from diapers to catheter supplies to many other items. J&B Medical Supply will help you decide which of our high-quality incontinence supplies will best fit you or your loved one’s needs by asking you the right questions.

We can also provide you with free samples to be sure that we get your specific needs right the first time!

We will also work directly with your physician to obtain prescription coverage for the incontinence supplies that you require.

Click here to see information about the different types of incontinence products that we service.

Click here to learn more about the types of incontinence and who is affected by incontinence.

The shaded states on the map below are states in which we can bill Medicaid and/or Medicaid health plans for incontinence supplies – contact us to learn more!

If you are not a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, we can still help you find the right incontinence supplies. Please visit our affiliated site for more information.

States that we service incontinence supplies for Medicaid or Medicaid health plans.

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