Incontinence Product

It can be hard to find the right supply to meet your incontinence needs. Local stores don’t always stock all sizes or the most absorbent products. They also don’t offer you samples to try and choose from, like J&B does!

J&B Medical Supply carries high quality, medical grade products in a wide range of sizes. You can view the items that we are able to bill directly to Medicaid and Medicaid plans on these pages. You can also call us for more information.

Your insurance may cover some supplies. There may be other supplies that they will not pay for. J&B will be happy to find out for you.

Diapers (Briefs)
Diapers (or briefs) offer full coverage and protection. Super-Absorbent polymers, placed in certain areas in a diaper, join with a layered materials to ‘lock in’ wetness and pull it away from skin. J&B carries diapers with tape or Velcro type tabs. There are also choices between plastic-type and cloth-like breathable outer material. Diapers are often the best choice for those with very heavy incontinence. Sizes ranging from small child to bariatric are available at J&B.

Booster Liner (Doubler)
A booster liner (or doubler) is a pad that looks like a regular incontinence pad. Booster liners are made to be placed inside of a diaper or pull-on. They are a flow through pad. Once they fill up with urine, it ‘flows through’ to the diaper or pull on. Booster liners are good for added protection for those that ‘flood’ or have very heavy incontinence. There are several sizes available at J&B.

Liner (Incontinence Pad)
A liner is a pad that looks similar to a menstrual pad. It is much more absorbent. A liner is designed to be placed inside of regular underwear. Liners are good for protection from stress incontinence or light dribbling. There is a wide range of sizes and absorbencies available at J&B.

Pull On
Pull-ons are disposable underwear. They do not have tabs, like diapers. They are made to be pulled up and down, like regular underwear. Pull-ons are designed for those who have incontinence that is a little heavy, but are still able to use the toilet. They are also used for toilet training. Sizes ranging from small child to bariatric are available at J&B.

An Undergarment is similar to a liner. It is made to be placed inside of the clothing. An undergarment is longer and wider than a regular liner. It also sometimes comes with a belt. Undergarments are good for those who have heavier incontinence, but do not need a full garment. J&B carries both belted and un-belted undergarments.

Skin Sealants (Barrier Cream)
Skin sealant (or barrier cream) is a cream used to help prevent skin break-down. Skin break-down can be caused by ongoing contact with urine, which has a lot of acid.

Washable Pants
Washable pants are disposable, but are designed to be used several times before they are thrown away. Some washable pants are cloth and have a plastic ‘pocket’ that is used to hold a liner. Some are made to be used over a Pull-on or Diaper for protection from leaks. J&B has both types.

Mesh Pants
Mesh pants are used to keep a liner in place. They may be used with or without underwear over the top of them.

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