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Don’t Let Incontinence Claim your Summer

Summer is finally upon us, and trying to beat that blistering heat can be a difficult task. No one wants to suffer from severe sunburn or heat stroke, but these concerns are raised to an elevated level for our older family members and friends. The risk of serious health issues due to overexposure to the sun increases exponentially with age, making the hottest season of the year a potential problem. While staying within an air conditioned house may be a solution, it prevents our senior loved ones from joining us on summer trips to the beach or local pool. Thankfully, a solution has been devised to aid in this very issue.

Light clothing, shading parasols, and travel pouches may assist the senior on the go during summer, but what if they suffer from incontinence? This medical issue may prevent the individual from wearing the appropriate garments during the summer for fear of incurring an embarrassing episode. If this sounds familiar, then you have no need to fear for your comfort this year! A series of lightweight garments that can be worn discretely beneath summer attire have been developed to prevent such issues. Many of the articles are simple enough to be worn beneath something as unexpected as a swimsuit! Your summer vacation may have just been saved!

Don’t let a problem that isn’t your fault stop you from enjoying the season of relaxation. Did you know catheters are even covered by Medicare? Medicare incontinence supplies such as catheters can be shipped directly to your home, allowing seniors to easily procure the supplies they need to be able to manage their condition, spend time outside with their families and remain active and happy all summer long.

Do you have any specific methods of preventing embarrassing episodes while out and about? If so, what are your best summer successes?

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