Diabetic Product

Blood glucose monitor: a device designed to be used at home for testing how much sugar is in your blood

We have a wide variety of testing meters with great features, including:

  • Large display and buttons
  • Talking meters
  • Downloadable results (so your physician can get them right from your meter!)
  • Multisite testing
  • No-coding technology

Lancet: A fine, sharp pointed needle for pricking the skin. Used in blood sugar monitoring.

Lancing Device: A device that holds a lancet firmly, and when triggered, moves the lancet linearly ahead to prick the skin in a controlled manner. Lancing devices usually can be adjusted to alter the depth that the lancet goes into the skin. The purpose is to obtain a small amount of capillary blood for testing. Also called a lancet device.

Blood glucose test strip: A small strip that reacts with glucose in the blood. Each strip is used for only one test.

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